Safely removes a wide range of difficult spots and stains from virtually any hard surface.

  • Mineral deposits (calcium, limescale, silica, etc)
  • Soap scum
  • Rust marks
  • Water spots on vehicle glass
  • Stains on ceramic & stainless steel cooks
  • Stainless steel discolouration and stains
  • Other organic stains on hard surfaces

   Very Effective on a Wide Range of Hard Surfaces

  • Shower glass, tiles, chrome tapware and fittings; makes a stained shower look like new again!
  • Glass windows on vehicles, buildings / homes, boats and other equipment
  •  Glass balustrades and pool fences
  • Stainless steel tailings, balustrades, sinks and other fixtures - including marine and food processing equipment
  • Ceramic and porcelain tiles, sinks and bathroom fixtures
  • Ceramic or stainless steel cooktops as well as the inside of glass oven doors
  • Other hard surfaces

 SAFE to Use  SAFE on your skin • SAFE around children and pets • Safe on the environment • Septic Tank SAFE 

New Zealand Made   •   99.997% Natural Ingredients   •   Non-toxic   •   Guaranteed to Work!



Domestic Pack


  • 600gm tub of paste cleaner
  • 3 scratch-proof (non-abrasive) application pads
  • How-to-use instruction

Available from leading hardware,
bathroom & cleaning outlets

Commercial Sizes

  • Pail sizes available in:
    • 4 kg
    • 10 kg
    • 20 kg
  • Used by:
    • Commercial shower & glass cleaners
    • Hotels, motels & other accommodation facilities
    • Food processors (stainless steel & glass surfaces)
    • Auto & marine valet services

This product is typically applied by commercial users with a buffer/polisher or other mechanical application tool and C-thru’s Large Application Pads.

How to Use C-thru Water Spot Remover

  1. Impregnate a non-abrasive application pad with about 3 tablespoons of C-thru Water Spot Remover paste (one tablespoon at a time, working the paste into the fibre of the pad)
    (3 pads included in the Domestic Pack).
  2. Ensure the surface being cleaned is dry and free of dust or any gritty grime.
  3. Place 2 fingers on the back of the impregnated application pad. Using a back and forth motion firmly rub an area about 10cm long. Continue this action, working away from the cleaned area. Add more paste to the application pad as required. 
  4. Rinse the cleaned surface with fresh water and a soft cloth, remove excess water and dry.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 as necessary.

Mechanical Application

C-thru Water Spot Remover can also be applied mechanically by attaching a non-abrasive application pad to a random orbital sander, other slow to moderate speed buffer/polisher or other power tool attachment suitable for a paste type application. Trim the application pad to fit the device and impregnate with the paste. When using this product with a power tool always use an RCD/safety switch or other isolating plug suitable for protecting against accidental electrical shock. We recommend you only use the hand application method (step 3 above) when cleaning vehicle windscreens.

KEEPING IT CLEAN: Protect your clean surfaces with C-thru SHOWER SHIELD to reduce the recurrence of water spots and stains and your cleaning time!

Safe To Use

C-thru water Spot Remover is made from 99.97% Natural Ingredients and is Non-toxic.

  • SAFE on your skin (no gloves or protective wear required)
  • SAFE around children (non-toxic)
  • SAFE for the environment
  • SAFE in septic tanks
  • SAFE on tinted glass
  • SAFE around plants
  • SAFE around animals
  • SAFE around food (used in leading NZ leading food production facilities)

Data Sheet

View our Material Safety Data Sheet...

Application Products

C-thru Scratch-Proof Application Pads

Our custom-made scratch-proof application pads come in two sizes:


Domestic Use Pads

  • 125 x 90mm
  • 8mm thick
  • Sold individually or in sets of two or 3 by many of our resellers

There is a set of 3 of these pads included in each Domestic Pack of C-thru Water Spot Remover.

Large Commercial Pad

  • 360 x 230mm
  • 8mm thick
  • Sealed cellophane pack contains two pads
  • Can be cut to fit most commercial buffer/polishers
  • Can be attached to the Velcro hooks on the base of many random orbital sanders
  • Excellent for buffing or cleaning paint finishes when used without C-thru Water Spot Remover


Available at these stores: Mitre 10, Bunnings Warehouse, Mitre 10 Mega. Also Available at selected outlets.