After trying everything to remove unsightly soap stains from a 25 year old shower I came across your product in the local Mitre 10 Mega store.  I was doubtful at first as so many products these days simply do not stand up to their marketing hype.

I’m very happy to say though that C-thru Water Spot Remover is the exception that proves the rule.

Application was quick and easy and now my old tired shower looks brand new again!
Congratulations on a great product that really does exceed expectations.

T Broadhurst, New Plymouth

I am a real sceptic about claims made by products. I can tell you that I went to see car glass repairer professionals (advertised on TV) and asked them about bad marks on my wing mirrors. I was told I could try and find a paste or replace the glass at about $200 for both, plus I would have to go and see them at least twice tracing and fitting etc. Internet research discovered your product... and it ROCKS!! Bigger windows do need fair bit of elbow grease, but results are worth it.

Stuart, Auckland

I want to say thank you so much for your products C-thru Water Spot Remover and C-thru Shower Shield, I went to Google to find a shower glass cleaner after using other products with no success and read the testimonials about your products, so bought them from Bunnings and used them and WOW sparkling clean shower glass in our en suite and other bathroom.  I am a care provider and clean clients shower glass with no success and will surely recommend your products to them. A++++++++++++++

Rahira E, Palmerston North

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  My shower is gleaming, my arm muscles have had a workout and I’ve told all my friends about this wonderful product.  Well done C-thru Solutions.

Deidre C, Christchurch

I have been struggling with cloudy (almost opaque) shower doors now for years since coming to NZ.  I finally took 5 minutes and bought your product and applied it by hand to the shower.  I don't normally rave about anything, but the product worked like magic, it wasn't all that hard to apply, and it almost melted the hard water stains. 

I followed up with the Shower Shield, and it's been a month with not a sign of new deposits.  We tried all the sprays and liquids...complete waste of money, your product does EXACTLY what you say it does...thank you!

J Morrison, Tauranga

We were at our wits end to get water spots removed from our 8 year old glass shower door.   We tried nearly everything and in desperation went on line to ask other people what THEY used to get shiny, clean and new looking glass in their shower.

After reading several positive and informative reports about C-thru Water Spot Remover we purchased it and Shower Shield and set to work.     It really does work....    ....the results are like a brand new shower.     We highly recommend the product.

Thanks for inventing something that will do what it says!

Kaye H, Tauranga

I have tried everything on my Fairmont windshield from vinegar/lemon juice, baking soda through to pumice and nothing got rid of the water spots. I was pessimistic about C-thru Water Spot Remover after a friend told me about it.
I bought a container from Bunnings Warehouse thinking that I may be wasting my money. I tried it on a corner of the windshield using one of the pads provided. Well knock me over with a feather, it worked. After years and years of putting up with water spots and having car groomers tell me there was nothing that could be done, I have finally found a product that can get rid of those spots. Thank you.

W Hancock, Christchurch

I would like to say how impressed with your product I am. We moved into our new home to discover the glass shower was badly damaged by water spots; I tried everything to clean these off but eventually gave up and accepted that they had penetrated the glass and I would have to live with a shower that constantly looked dirty.

Then I tried your product...  ...the result is amazing!  Thank you so much for developing such an amazing product, instead of having to spend thousands on getting a new shower, I only needed to spend $28 on your product.  I have recommended C-thru to all my friends.

V Douglas, Mt Eden, Auckland

I would like to thank you for your wonderful C-thru Water Spot Remover.   We have had a very dirty windscreen on our car for well over a year, and we have tried so many product to clean these white spot off – we do not know what they were, except that they were getting worse each time we washed the car.  

This morning, I tried your C-thru product, and I nearly wept with gratitude, as they disappeared like magic.   My husband said to thank you for saving our marriage!!!!!  (He washed the car last time, and these white spots were worse than ever).    Your product is just wonderful.    Thank you again.

J Monks, Coromandel

I thought I would let you know that I am absolutely thrilled with your products. I have cleaned some showers in my time and I have used just about every product going, attempting to get rid of and keep glass build-up at bay. All others have failed and not lived up to all the promises!

BUT I have used the C-thru Water Spot Remover and Shower Shield and the results are brilliant. And I don't have to clean the glass every time the shower is used anymore!

I let everyone know about it. I even suggested the product to a customer at local bathroom centre who was asking the salesman what to use. He (the salesman) was trying to sell her something which I knew wouldn't work, so I sort of 'took over' the conversation.  Didn't make me popular with the salesman but what the heck.

C Johnson, Orewa

We tried so many products over the years on our tour coach windows to remove the water spots, with little to no success. As I had used C-thru Water Spot Remover at home on my shower doors, with brilliant results, I recommended to the drivers to try your product. They were of course a little sceptical until I showed them how to apply it and the results achieved! Well I have never seen them so keen; they used all of my product and went and purchased more. All the coach windows have been done and of course they look great. C-thru is a brilliant product - thanks.

H Early, Operations Manager, Leopard Coachlines

ACID RAIN SPOTS ON CAR WINDOWS - Brilliant stuff!!! After googling blogs around the world I not only found out that it was a global problem BUT the best remedy (C-thru Water Spot Remover) was made here in Godzone.

D Robins, Auckland

After purchasing almost every other shower cleaning product on the market, I am delighted to report that C-thru Water Spot Remover actually does what it says!! The Englefield shower in my rental property had been untouched for 5 years and the end result is a glass that looks like new.

J Tinker, Tauranga

Just a quick note to say what a wonderful product your Water Spot Remover is. Our town water supply is a mixture of spring and bore water and leaves an awful residue. After 13 years, our Englefield Cabana looked liked new doors were the only option. I've tried everything, from chemical preparations that left me choking, to vinegar and lemon juice preparations that left me smelly, then finally resorting to the scraper for the ceramic cooktop!

I was really amazed when your product actually worked.

Katharine T, Pokeno

After moving into our present residence in September 2002 both my wife and I were concerned regarding the state of the shower doors. After using several well known, and less known, products over a period of time I had virtually given up on removing the accumulated shower build up.

I was shopping in our local Mitre 10 and noticed your Water Spot Remover product, which was fully recommended by a senior store assistant. The product has fully lived up to the claims as stated by the manufacturer and we could not be more pleased with the end result.

Finally, this letter in praise of the product was totally unsolicited and is a voluntary recommendation of a marvellous cleaning product.

Garry N, Katikati

C-thru Water Spot Remover is absolutely awesome without a doubt, simply the best product I have come across. I have also been using Shower Shield on my glass shower, hand basin and chrome fittings and once again without a doubt I can say the same about this product too.

Felicity D, Hutt Valley

My shower has been installed for 12 years and has been cleaned over the years with regular cleaners by the previous owner and myself. I have tried several glass cleaner products but with no success so have to say was feeling rather dubious when I bought this.

Hey, I now have a sparking clear shower that looks like it has new glass installed!! I'm so thrilled and can't believe it and will be telling all my friends!! I have to say I have used nearly the whole bottle, 12 yrs of build up took some getting off that's for sure. Mind you those 'just wipe it on and wipe it off' products that I had bought were useless.

Sue L, Ohinewai

Available at these stores: Mitre 10, Bunnings Warehouse, Mitre 10 Mega. Also Available at selected outlets.